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  1. 每日一字


    • KK[??nst?ˋle??n]
    • DJ[?inst?ˋlei??n]




  1. 熱門英語新聞

    • Neco Williams: Wales youngster aims to seize Liverpool chance

      BBC News17 分鐘前

      It may not be viewed as the ideal scenario for a young defender trying to find his feet at Liverpool. Whenever Neco Williams steps out for training, the Welsh right-back knows there is a decent chance he will end up marking one of...

    • Azerbaijan v Wales

      BBC News18 分鐘前

      Wales will have Aaron Ramsey available for the first time in their Euro 2020 qualifying campaign for Saturday's crucial fixture in Azerbaijan. The Juventus midfielder is fit after a series of injuries and is joined in the squad by...

    • Marie Yovanovitch: How could our system fail like this? - CNN Video

      CNN.com23 分鐘前

      Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testifies during the public impeachment hearing of President Trump and discusses her time in Ukraine.

    • Ukraine policy in 'disarray' - Yovanovitch

      BBC News27 分鐘前

      Former US ambassador to Ukraine tells Congress she was abruptly recalled from Kiev.

    • My removal helped 'shady interests' - Yovanovitch

      BBC News27 分鐘前

      Former US ambassador to Ukraine tells the House Intelligence Committee what it was like to be abruptly recalled from Kiev. Blaming "corrupt" interests, she added that "shady interests the world over have learned how little it...

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